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Care Global Consulting Ltd (CGC) is a professional consulting firm specializing in Education, Engineering, Empowerment and other services through our highly qualified and skilled staffs. Established in 2013, CGC is registered with CAC registration number – 1194537. Currently, CGC has 6 board members comprising of two Engineers with M.Eng and B.Eng / Corens respectively; M.Ed; MSc Economics; BSc. Business Administration and MSc. Applied Public Health from an International university. CGC currently has nine member staff in her team and recruiting more hands on the job. We work with qualified and professionally certified educationists and engineers. CGC has four different departments based on the type of services rendered.

Strategic Corporate Mandate.

We bridge the gap between prospective applicants and reputable international Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities across the world.

Driven by Innovation.

We combine integrity, transparency and professionalism to solve clients’ puzzles and give optimum value for their invested trust.

Devoted Global Team.

We are united in a persistent pursuit to deliver unparalleled solutions that surpass our clients’ expectations.


To apply innovative excellence, adapt cutting-edge technologies and develop new tools in offering integrated educational and career development solutions on time, at all times and for all.


Our mission is to adequately and successfully give each and every of our client best satisfactory and excellent services to, assisting them meet their individual needs.


The main goals of CGC are:

  • To promote our partnered schools to prospective clients while helping them through the process of securing offers.
  • Giving honest and standard information while guiding our clients to a successful ends through programs that promotes the free development of individual clients.
  • Promotion of standards in rendering our professional service.
  • Development of various models of introduction of novelty.
  • CGC was established in 2013 and registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on the 3rd of June, 2014 with the RC 1194537.
  • CGC team comprises of professionals in the fields of Engineering, Education, Health, amongst other professions.
  • CGC recruit students for Universities around the world which includes countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Germany and other countries.
  • CGC receives Partner Schools from time to time called “Partner Visit” during which a number of activities take place as scheduled.
  • CGC is open to receive clients from the hours of 8am to 6pm on a daily basis and runs night shifts when needed to meet up with organizational goals, targets and deadlines.
  • CGC currently have 3 offices in Nigeria. Two in Abuja and one in Kogi State with the headquarters at 19B Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, Abuja. We are also planning to open a branch in Port Harcourt soon.
  • As CGC expands, its headquarters will be moved to a new environment where all its departments can be properly accommodated.
Our Value Propositions

Some of the benefits you stand to gain when applying through Care Global Consulting includes:
*Access to a variety of university.
*Access to standard and affordable schools/universities based on choice and budget.
*Access to office facilities such as internet, scanner, photocopier, printer, convenience, Guidance for accessing scholarships, work placement, settling in and how to stand out.
*Timely admission /offer for prospective students.
*One-on-one guidance and counselling based on your needs.
*Over 99% visa application success rate.
*Continuous support until success is achieved.
*Continuous guidance, counselling, and support long after resumption and till the end of course.


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