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Care Global Consulting Ltd (CGC) is a professional consulting firm specializing in Education, Engineering, Empowerment and other services through our highly qualified and skilled staffs. Established in 2013, CGC is registered with CAC registration number – 1194537. Currently, CGC has 6 board members comprising of two Engineers with M.Eng and B.Eng / Corens respectively; M.Ed; MSc Economics; BSc. Business Administration and MSc. Applied Public Health from an International university. CGC currently has nine member staff in her team and recruiting more hands on the job. We work with qualified and professionally certified educationists and engineers. CGC has four different departments based on the type of services rendered.


By administering specialised tools, we successfully help individuals determine their possible career pathways, based on personality traits and other factors.

We explore individual skills and strengths, consider education levels and give advice about continuing education and changing global career trends. We also determine interests and personality type suitable for an increasingly dynamic, highly competitive and technology-driven modern career world.


At Care Global Consult Ltd, we understand how difficult it can be for a student to live and study in another country or far away from home. It can also be just as difficult for parents, knowing that their ward is going to be living far away from home support.

However, you can be rest assured that by choosing Care Global Consult Ltd (CGC) service, your ward is in safe and competent hands and will be provided with alternative best comfort and support structure away from home.


Care Global Consult Ltd ensures a seamless transition from one level of education to the other without hitches.

We bridge the gap between prospective applicants and reputable international Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities across the world.


Care Global Consult Ltd Research is arguably, Nigeria’s premier professional Educational Research Support service provider. Our goal is to make learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

We apply innovative, flexible, technology driven and reliable support options to help you stay ahead of your game, achieve better grades, and actualise career dreams.


A successful study visa application takes careful planning and strict adherence to stipulated guidelines to achieve the desired outcome.

At Care Global Consult Ltd, we guide our clients in the entire visa application process; from documentation, preparing financial statements, completing and submitting online application to prepping candidates for visa interviews. Our visa counselling team are up-to-date on the latest visa application rules of the various High Commissions and Embassies that guarantee high visa success rate.


Whatever direction your career goes, or whatever direction you wish to steer it, we provide the right support and advisory service needed.

At Care Global Consulting Ltd, we understand that most companies define the level of skills required to play the role or do the job, but rarely manage each employee’s career progression because the process becomes more complex.

Our Value Propositions

Some of the benefits you stand to gain when applying through Care Global Consulting includes:
*Access to a variety of university.
*Access to standard and affordable schools/universities based on choice and budget.
*Access to office facilities such as internet, scanner, photocopier, printer, convenience, Guidance for accessing scholarships, work placement, settling in and how to stand out.
*Timely admission /offer for prospective students.
*One-on-one guidance and counselling based on your needs.
*Over 99% visa application success rate.
*Continuous support until success is achieved.
*Continuous guidance, counselling, and support long after resumption and till the end of course.


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