Care Global Consult Ltd ensures a seamless transition from one level of education to the other without hitches.

We bridge the gap between prospective applicants and reputable international Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities across the world.


We cover but are not restricted to the following areas during any of our career pathway counselling session:

  • Particular skills or talents in which careers they might be useful.
  • The educational commitment required of various careers.
  • The potential earnings of various careers.
  • The necessary skills/education for a desired career path.
  • The daily working environment. Some people enjoy working in an office, while others might be more successful in a fast-paced or outdoor environment.
  • The opportunities for change or advancement in a particular career. Some careers are more flexible than others. Other careers or education paths might also allow more mobility between positions in a given field.
  • The changing global career development trends etc.

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